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Greenleaf Nursery

Greenleaf Nursery Company

Greenleaf is a wholesale grower of ′Predictable Quality′ plants. Locations in Oklahoma, Texas and North Carolina.

Greenleaf is one of America’s largest wholesale nursery growers, each year producing many millions of container-grown plants for retailers, re-wholesalers and landscapers across the U.S. and Canada.

Primary products include: one of the industry’s widest selections of broadleaf evergreen, flowering and deciduous shrubs; 70-plus varieties of ornamental grasses; a full compliment of shrub roses; a broad conifer selection; annual, perennial, and tropical "color"; an excellent shade and ornamental tree offering, and a selection of the most popular small fruit and fruit tree varieties.

Wholesale Only

Greenleaf is a wholesale-only nursery. Retailers, re-wholesalers, landscapers and other prospective customers within the Nursery Industry are welcome. Additional information regarding our products, including pricing, photo galleries and shopping cart functions are available on our website.

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