About the Crown Jewel

Druid Hills

About the ′Crown Jewel′ Gardenia

The ′Crown Jewel′ Gardenia was selected from a controlled cross of ′Kleim's Hardy′ and ′Chuck Hayes′ and developed by Oakmont Nursery in Chatham County, North Carolina. Oakmont was inspired by the late JC Raulston, of the JC Raulston Arboretum at North Carolina State University, and Dr. Michael Dirr of the University of Georgia.

Gardenia ′Crown Jewel′ possesses many of the desirable traits of it’s parents: double bloom and cold hardiness of ′Chuck Hayes′ and heavy bloom set of ′Kleim’s Hardy′. It also has a dwarf spreading habit, double fragrant blooms and a soft texture but with much more cold hardiness (Hardiness: USDA Zone 6 to 10).

Gardenia ′Crown Jewel′ also has a heavy bloom set, often later than most gardenias. This extremely compact and cold-hardy Gardenia is the essence of timeless beauty.

′Crown Jewel′ Specifications

  • BLOOM: Double white, medium-sized blooms in mid-June. Light pruning after bloom set will stimulate more blossoms. Blooms on old and new wood, so late frosts will not take away all blooms.

  • FOLIAGE: Medium to small sized leaves for Gardenia Augusta. Habit: Spreading to prostrate. 24" tall by 48" wide.

  • GROWTH RATE: 6" per year.

    (a) 1 Gallon: 4-5 months from a 2.5" Liner (Spring Planting).
    (b) 2 Gallon: 5-6 months from a 2.5" Liner (Spring Planting).
    (c) Propagation: Roots easily from softwood cuttings. License required to propagate.
    (d) Culture: Full sun to partial shade. Requires little pruning. Provide organic soil amendment and good drainage.
    (e) Use: Excellent plant for containers or as a low accent plant in the garden and for mass planting.